Services MB Warehouse:

We offer logistics services in modern warehouses of A+

Warehouse services: 

The warehouse is insured for € 5 million

  • Storage area can be adjusted according to clients need
  • Warehouse have a dust-free floors
  • Modern monitored area serviced only by our staff, strangers do not have access to the warehouse
  • Speed doors and ramps for unloading large vehicles
  • Handling equipment, which can drive directly into the container.
  • Machinery wrapper for wrapping pallets in foil
  • Storage in an open area, pallet racking, small or large goods shelving .....
  • From simple pallet forehead to the most demanding cargo storage
  • Loading and unloading pallets
  • Manual unloading of containers
  • Repaletizace
  • Labeling
  • Assembly of goods
  • Inserting eg. Leaflets
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Dispatch according to pre-defined customer requirements FIFO, FEFO, LIFO

Handling / packaging

For clients we provide assembly, product labeling, repackaging, preparation of POS materials and finishing services for chain events, etc. For the cover of all our services, please contact us.

  • Multiparty or industrial product packaging in PE foil
  • Inserting and sealing goods in PVC bags
  • Packaging of goods and sticking advertising labels and instructions for use
  • Folding gift boxes
  • Collation of advertising stands and subsequent release
  • Assembly of goods and subsequent packaging and distribution as a commercial package
  • Sorting, cleaning and repackaging returned goods

Logistics services:

We meet the needs of our clients, On the national level we provide the service quality by:

  • Organizing carload freight transport as well as the consolidation of partial and piece goods transport
  • Transport of goods requiring higher security measures
  • Express shipments
  • On-time and just-in-time delivery

International road freight transport

  • Export and import shipping service
  • Transport of high-value goods requiring higher security measures
  • Safe Route and GPS systems
  • Express delivery within the whole EU
  • On-time and just-in-time delivery, delivery according to the CMR Convention

IT, warehouse records

Warehouse records are kept in a professional SW called Logenius

Software allows direct storage of pallets and individual items. The system supports the identification using barcode SSCC and EAN. Outputs from Logenius software can be configured either in text or tabular format and upon request we can send it at any time by email.

  • - Link automation of orders directly with warehouse software.
  • - The client receives the generated inventory every day after midnight by email.

Other services:

All packing material + other service as needed

  • Labels on broad scales design - from simple monochrome to full-color lacquered
  • POS materials (prepacked stands)
  • Cartons printed and unprinted
  • Packaging
  • Transportation from client warehouse to our handling warehouse and back or directly to client's customers.